XADisk (pronounced 'x-a-disk') enables transactional access to existing file systems by providing APIs to perform file/directory operations. With simple steps, it can be deployed over any JVM and can then start serving all kinds of Java/JavaEE application running anywhere.

XADisk supports both normal and distributed (XA) transactions, is scalable through clustering, can recover from application crashes, resolve deadlocks and provides many other useful features. It can be used in a variety of Java environments:

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Ask questions and discuss anything related to XADisk at the Discussion Group.

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For all kinds of queries, you can also write to go.xadisk.


There are numerous ways in which you can contribute:


Below is a list (alphabetically ordered) of people who have helped XADisk in their own ways. Their contributon includes useful suggestions, new usecases, issue identification, product design, knowledgebase and more.

Abhilekh Kumar Agarwal | Alexey P. | Alexis Torres | Andreas Wurm | Anej Bansal | Cameron Rochester | Christoph Beck | Daniel Scheibe | Dnyanesh Sonavane | Eugen Buchmueller | Eugen Galperin | Filippo Dipisa | fireworks (java.net alias) | Geert van Leemputten | Gili Tzabari | Gunnar Zarncke | Hermann Matthes | Janos Kocsi | Jaroslav Holubec | Jasper Siepkes | Johann Mayer | John Babbidge | Julius Blank | Kane Bonnette | Kannan Vairavan | Luciano Leggieri | Luiz Augusto | M. Safaeian | Manish Kumar | Marco Quaranta | Martijn van Tilburg | Martin Baumgartner | Mathieu Rozieres | Mohit Singal | Nick Nadgauda | Olaf Eschenbruch | Řyvind (oyvindma email-alias) | Pharoz (email-alias) | Phil Merry | Poorna Chandran | Po-Ting Huang | Rajeev Gupta | Rakesh Mahajan | Ravi Soni | romaerzhuk (java.net alias) | Sebastian Graca | Sergei Bardas | Simon Dierl | Srimant Misra | Stelios Gerogiannakis | Steve (sbfram email-alias) | stendres (java.net alias) | tengvig (java.net alias) | Tomas Fecko | and several others...